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Radish Marketing

Welcome, we are glad you are here.

We are a Vancouver-based micro-marketing agency dedicated to growing social ventures.

We've worked for the Goliaths of the world, and we've learned a lot.

Working with all you Davids out there is what really gets us fired up.

As changer makers and dream chasers, we are impatient and relentless, idealistic and determined.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, keep reading.


Who we are

Susan Dong


Creative producer passionate about artistic storytelling and bringing visions to life.

Dustin Tysick


Digital native who loves technology, lead generation and growing businesses.


Who we partner with

  • Passionate creators with big ideas and open hearts
  • Founders/Inventors/CEOs who are reluctant about "selling yourself" & "closing deals"
  • Geniuses and masterminds with minimal experience with the 4 P's and 7 C's (we are not making this up)

What we do

  • Strategize - First we assess your situation and then we come up with a game plan, with maneuvers that make the most sense for your desired outcome. 
  • Tell stories - Everyone loves a good story. But with limited time and short attention spans, it better be a damn good story. 
  • Make things happen - We make lists, assign tasks, and get to it. We don't have time to sit around looking pretty all day (even if we are good at it).
  • Bring in the ka-ching - We know you are not in it for the money, but it's proof that what you are doing is needed by someone in the world.

What we love

  • Running killer crowdfunding campaigns
  • The 4 P's, 7C's, mood boards and branding
  • Getting inside the heads of your consumers
  • Crafting and capturing compelling stories
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns
  • Giving people what they really need while making $

How do we sound, do you want to meet us?

We'd like to meet you too!

(Yes we believe in face-to-face meetings, especially on the first date).

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